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    Oliver: To be honest a friend of mine convinced me to join the site. He was already using UD website for some time and communicated with a lady here. First, it freaked me out to receive so many letters every day, and while deleting them my eye caught a phrase that made me stop and read thoroughly. The lady wrote, Go on deleting, there is nothing interesting here". That was like she is watching me so I opened the letter, and you guess what I saw? Nothing! Nothing, but a photo of a cute gal looking at me with a different smile, as if asking me, do you dare to answer?

    Marta: And he had enough courage to write back! And it wasn't an ordinary letter. He sent me a dialogue from my favorite book “Alice in the Wonderland". And this was a start for us! This is the third time that Oliver comes to Chernivtsi, and yesterday he proposed to me.

    Oliver: And we decided to share this great news with everyone here. Never give up guys, be positive, think big and everything will be just fine! We wish you Good Luck!:)) 

  • Chris & Anna

    Chris: Coming to this site was the wisest thing to do! For now I have everything I ever dreamed of! My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world! And she brought me the greatest joy of my life - our wonderful twins! Can a man dream of anything more?

    Anna: When I saw his photo for the first time, I moved on. But it appeared in front of my eyes every time I returned to the homepage. I didn't believe in chances, so I decided to write him a letter... As you can see, that letter made our lives!:)


    “I decided to try online-dating after hard relationship, I wanted to distract myself, and never thought it would grow into something bigger that communication. But everything happened in such a different way! My first experience of Internet dating became the last – I have found him. My future husband!” – says Anastasia.

    “I could never believe this will happen in my life. I wrote to Nastya and that was the beginning of the best story in my life. We are getting married next summer. First I was afraid of age difference, but it doesn’t matter at all. She is my everything and I am grateful to “Ukrainian Diamonds” agency for her!” – Craig shares his experience.

  • Katya & Bryan

    “We met on UD website in July 2015. I noticed her at once-her photos were very natural and tender. Her eyes were so warm and her smile so charming that I lost my breath each time I looked at her photos! And still feel this way! She is everything I could ever dream of! Tender, beautiful, caring, loving. I think with every other day she makes me love her even more!” – says Bryan.


    “To tell the truth when I got a letter from Lesya I was involved in communication with another woman and when I read her letter I felt we were very close. The way she explained what she was looking for, how she imagined her future... I felt as if she was reading my mind! I felt it would be wrong lying to her my heart is free, but with every other letter I realized that other woman faded in my eyes, and I wanted to devote my time only to Lesya. In a little while we decided to meet in person. And when I came to Zaporozhie I realized I made the right choice.” – says Max.

    “Max is very gentle and understanding. He never judges me for my past, and he treats my son as his own child. Right now we prepare the fiancee visa for me and my son to come visit him in Denver. I truly hope to make friends with Max's family!” – Lesya shares her experience.


    “It seems to me that all Internet dating stories are the same. After several fails you finally find what you were looking for. That’s the story of our meeting with Olga. She wrote me first!” – says David.

    “I've known what I wanted. So when I saw David's profile, I liked photos and just wrote. He answered. Soon we were out of online, we decided to move into the real world and that was the right decision! We are happily married for 2 years already and now we are expecting our first child"-Olga says.





    George: I have found my lady on this site. We've been communicating for some time before I decided to come visit her in Kiev. And now I know that I could have become happy much earlier than now. Because I feel she is my blessing from God!

    ‘’I was very skeptical about this site and online search in general, but now I am ready to tell everyone - I REALLY WORKS! George is very gentle, attentive, he cares both for me and for my little daughter. We now plan to meet in Australia where he lives. We've already applied for visa for me and my daughter. And while we wait we communicate via Skype every day. This would never happen to us if it wasn't the Ukrainian Diamonds website! Thank you very much for helping us!’’ - says Aliona.

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