Ukrainian women as they are

Many men come to Ukraine hoping to find the true love that they couldn't find in their home countries. The difference between Ukrainian women and the women abroad is quiet noticeable.

For our reader’s sake, we'll list qualities of Western women here: unrealistic demands for spouses, success oriented and materialistic, don't take care of themselves, lack of femininity.

Ukrainian women, on the contrary, are seen as being the exact opposite of this list — not too demanding of their husbands, less materialistic and more domestic, attentive to their appearance, and feminine. There is an element of truth in the stereotype of many Western men about Ukrainian women – that they are used to deal with drunken, boorish husbands who don't participate in housework or raising the children, and so any more or less decent, "average" Western man is at a distinct advantage.

A new study has revealed the secret of why Ukrainian women are so valued worldwide. It turns out that Ukrainian woman is a real phenomenon. If to judge according to Ukrainian fairy tales typical Ukrainian woman is brown-eyed beauty with contrasting black eyebrows and good figure. Though, it is not only miracle from fairy tale but the real truth. According to survey results, Ukrainian woman has at least three advantages over others. Firstly, average Ukrainian woman is 4.7 inches taller above the average Asian, secondly, has the third size of the breast (out of 4 possible according to Ukrainian table of breast size) and university degree in addition.

Many foreign men (and the few foreign women who marry Ukrainian men) successfully find Ukrainian wives and are satisfied with their choice, contributing to the largely positive image that Ukrainian women have worldwide.

According to statistics reported six out of ten marriages broke up last year in Ukraine so average Ukrainian woman lives alone. The initiator of break up in 87 cases out of a hundred was a woman. Increasingly Ukrainian women are seeking foreign prince. According to statistics every year Ukrainian women marry 3% more men from European Union and has 5% more Americans who placed official marriage with Ukrainian woman in comparison to previous year.

In 2014 Ukrainian women bought 15 percent more elite cosmetics than before last, spending about US$33 million. Psychologists have found that Ukrainian woman works 60 percent more than man because she usually also does domestic work and take care of children.

Ukrainian women are treasures to value! Ukrainian women are very beautiful to look at physically. In general they take care of themselves and want to look nice. More importantly they are very family oriented and will work hard at taking care of the family. This is a good thing and should not be a problem. To have a woman in your life like this is to have a treasure so you should take this chance!

The foundation to a good relationship is first you must be good friends. Everything else will follow from there: trust, respect and honesty are the same in any language. Ukrainian women want to be treated with respect and as an equal. Ok, this is not a problem. In return a man will receive a treasure. Try it, you will like it. Also the sign of a real man is to be a gentleman. It has nothing to do with age, money or size etc. It is a state of mind. Most women like a gentleman.

Shaving is easy as is being clean. Drinking beer in public is not acceptable behavior. Try buying her a flower for no reason at all except that it makes her smile. It works. Simple, huh?

Moreover, people in Ukraine are wonderful hosts and respect people who visit their country. People in Ukraine are genuine friends and Ukrainian women are truly special.



Find a love of your life and feel happy!

Yours faithfully,
The Team