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Country Description

Ukraine is a newly independent nation undergoing profound political and economic change, still in the process of stabilizing its relations with neighboring countries. Tourist facilities are not highly developed, and many of the goods and services taken for granted in other countries are not yet available. Travel within Ukraine is unrestricted. Though fuel shortages are generally no longer a problem, internal travel can be difficult and flight and train schedules can be irregular.


Ukrainian became the official language only in 1990, replacing Russian. Most of the population in Eastern Ukraine and Kyiv speak Russian as a first language, while Ukrainian is the first language in Western Ukraine. Although those in the political world and the local media use both languages, official documents are now in Ukrainian. The two languages share almost the same Cyrillic alphabet, and if you arrive unfamiliar with either language a phrase book or interpreter is almost essential. Not much English is spoken here. Hiring a translator/assistant can be money well spent especially on your first day in Ukraine if you are a bit concerned about making your way around on your own.

Entry Requirements and Local Registration

An international passport is required for all the tourists. Most of foreigners (US, Canada, EU and UK citizens) do not need visa to visit Ukraine and they can stay in country for three months. We would recommend all our members to check all the requirements with the Embassy of Ukraine before they buy tickets. Citizens of some countries have to apply for visa in advance. A letter of invitation from a person, company, or organization in Ukraine or a tour company voucher is currently required to obtain a visa. Our Local Agencies/Partners are willing to help you with that if it is needed.


Ukrainian Time is +2 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). It is altered twice a year to save electrical power. The watches are set one hour forward in the last week of March and it’s called Summer Time. The watches are set one hour backwards in the last week of October and it's called Winter Time. To find out the exact time, dial 060.


Electrical appliances operate at 220V in Ukraine. Plugs and wall sockets differ from North America and the U.K., being of European two pin style. So, don't forget to take an International Power Adaptor and a power converter. Please note: Ukraine uses more than one type of outlet configuration: you could find European outlets (new) and old Soviet type. The difference is in the diameter of the pins. European pins are thicker than the Soviet type ones.


It's not recommended to drink tap water in Ukraine. The better choice will be to just buy bottled water for drinking. You should be aware however that some bottled water from the smaller Kiosks can be counterfeit. The brand Bon Aqua or Morshins'ka seems to be the best bet as far as getting the genuine product.


Ukraine is a safe country in general. The city center is safer than the outskirts. Keep your valuables at the safe place, better somewhere in your inner pockets. Having a security belt while traveling might be wise. Also keep the photocopies of your documents (passport, driver`s license) in a safe place just in case if the original would be lost or stolen. Don't flash a lot of money at the public places and try not to walk alone late at night. Don't open the door if you are not expecting anybody. If you are going to do business in Ukraine, learn the language! But in general, just use your common sense, like you would while travelling to any other country.

Metro (Subway)

Learning the Metro system will be the key to enjoying all that Kyiv and other big cities have to offer. It’s quite cheap, safe, on time and fairly simple to learn.


Taxies in Ukraine are quite cheap, especially in smaller cities. But the problem with taxies is their drivers' lack of foreign language skills. The best taxies are those with their company's phone number on the rooftop, or side, of the car. Others may be private taxies which may be more expensive and less comfortable. Hitchhiking is common in Ukraine, but not recommended for tourists.


The new official Ukrainian currency 'Hryvnia' (UAH) was introduced September the 2nd, 1996 replacing the old temporary Ukrainian currency 'Coupon' and became the only legal payment bill within Ukraine after September 15th. You can check currency rate through PrivatBank’s website one of the most popular banks in Ukraine.

Money Transfer

If you need to transfer money to from or within Ukraine, there are several International Money Transfer Companies like Western Union, MoneyGram and PrivatMoney. You can find them at many local banks or at major shopping centers and Malls.

Currency Exchange

You can easily change your dollars or other hard currencies for Hryvnias in major banks and special exchange points. An exchange rate estimates by National Bank of Ukraine. Changing U.S. dollars for Ukrainian Hryvnias or another currency is legal only at banks, currency exchange desks at hotels and at licensed exchange booths. There are a lot of such exchange points throughout the city. Beware of changing money on the streets or with private individuals: it's illegal and it can be dangerous. Remember however that old or damaged bills may not be accepted or accepted under the lower rate, it is better to have new bills with you. The "hard currency" stores only accept Hryvnias but almost all of them have a money exchange booth on the premises.

Credit Cards

Ukraine is a cash economy. Traveler's checks and credit cards are gaining wider acceptance in larger cities. Use of credit cards is limited to the better hotels, Western-style restaurants, international airlines and select stores. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are commonly accepted. A passport or diplomatic card may be required whenever a credit card is used. Customs regulations prohibit sending cash, traveler's checks, personal checks, credit cards or passports through the international mail system to Ukraine. These items are regularly confiscated as contraband by customs authorities.

Export of Valuables of Ukrainian Origin

To export any antique items and/or works of art the permission of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine must be obtained. This restriction applies to collections or separate works of fine, applied, and folk art, archeological and numismatic items, valuable musical instruments, gold, silver, precious stones, hand-woven carpets, manuscripts, books published before 1966, and furniture made before 1945.

Business Hours

An eight-hour day is considered a normal work day, Monday through Friday. A lunch break is taken between the hours of 1:00pm and 2:00pm. Most banks are open without breaks, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


In official buildings the entrance hall is considered the 'ground floor'. The next flight up takes you to the 'first floor'. This floor numbering system is the same as the European system. For the private apartments the first floor is actually the 'first'.


Restaurant bills normally include a 5% service charge, however, you'll often find that a few extra hryvnias (10% suggested) can make your dining experience a lot more pleasurable.


Throughout Ukraine alcohol is quite inexpensive and easily accessible. Ukraine is a zero tolerance country, so do not drink and drive. The fines are substantial and you are never sure what may happen in such incidences with the military services. You can’t buy alcohol before 10 am and after 10 pm.

Ukrainian Official Holidays:

New Year's Day - January 1,
Orthodox Christmas - January 7,
Women's Day - March 8,
Orthodox Easter - varies annually,
Labor Day - May 1, 2,
Victory Day - May 9,
Holy Trinity Day - varies annually,
Constitution Day - June 28,
Independence Day - August 24

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