Successful date in Ukraine

How to have a successful date? This is the question which men from all over the world ask themselves from time to time. Someone rarely, someone more often and probably the same thing is going on not only about Ukrainian woman.

Dating these days often occur via global networks. Many American, European, Australian or Canadian men find their Ukrainian beauty online, using social networks, dating websites, direct announcements, sometimes telephone or through common friends. All those types of acquaintanceship are united by one thing: your new acquaintance, you know just in absentia. You have never seen her before and it might be a problem for many men. And here is the date appointed. At any price you want your new Ukrainian girlfriend like you. And here we have the same question “How to please Ukrainian woman?”

All women have ability to estimate the man’s nature on distance and Ukrainian women are not an exception. If you’ve heard of woman’s intuition, you probably guessed what it is going about. Not even looking at you, Ukrainian woman may know even the little things that you obviously are trying to hide from her: for example, not ironed shirt, dirty shoes, crazy excitement, and much more.

Even having perfect appearance, do not forget about such main things as:

-The walk: it should be solid, full-foot. No jogging, no shuffle and not stealthily. Walk confidently.
-Posture: straighten your shoulders. This is the first sign of self-confidence (even if you don’t feel like that). Pull your belly, but don’t lift your chin too much. Women do not like supremacy.
-Gestures: has to be temperate, measurable. Hysterical gestures can describe you as choleric, unbalanced person.

Avoid swear words in your speech, do not use parasite words and do not tell crocked yarns and well known jokes: women do not like forced laughter. Also, try to make the first encounter not like “Midnight in the Park”, but in a decent cafe at the appropriate time. You had better pay for both, because Ukrainian woman usually will not show what she expects you to pay and even may give the money at the end of the date, but she really expects you to pay. As Ukraine does not have strong feminist attitudes, and the man is considered to be the head and the getter, it is normal practice. Though, if woman wants to pay her own expense, slightly suggest her not to do so, but gently and in unobtrusive way.

When the first date is finished, of course, do not forget to walk your Ukrainian lady home (but do not be too intrusive, if she says no).



Use our tips and good luck in dating Ukrainian women!

Yours faithfully,
The Team