Refund Policy

The is the only Website in industry that offers 100% refund for the unsatisfied users.

Our refund policy goes like “100 percent satisfaction or 100 percent money back” while other websites have no refund policy. Why not if we're great and honest at what we do and we are able to promise 100 percent satisfaction! We are ready to resolve every customer complaint to the customer's complete satisfaction, including a full refund if that's what it takes.

Please know that we take every customer complaint very seriously. We are grateful to the customers who let us know about our flaws and help us to become better and offer the best service, as our intent is to create a service of exceptional value. We do believe that only serious people with honest intentions will join us and they won’t try and get something for nothing and take advantage of this policy.

Once we receive your complaint we will investigate an issue and as soon as we find out that there was any violation or breach of Terms of Use by any female Member her profile will be removed forever and refund will be initiated immediately. The will however, in keeping with its ethical policies, review the circumstances of a case and where appropriate, may refund a part or all of the credits at its discretion.

All members of the specifically acknowledge that Company is not obligated to offer a refund on any valid, properly executed order. Most of the online dating websites do not offer any refund as they believe that when users send a letter and it is transferred to the intended recipient's inbox, this is considered a properly executed order. But a properly executed order for is when users send a letter and it is professionally translated and then transferred to the recipient, and no matter if that letter goes unread or unanswered, and Members do not entitle them to a refund. Users should realize that Company is not obligated to offer a refund based on any user's personal success or lack thereof.


There are no refunds issued due to:

poor Internet connection,
discontent with the Website,
accidental sending of duplicate emails or closing a chat session prematurely,
user's failure to familiarize themselves with the functionality of the Services which may result in incorrect use. is not responsible for the meetings arranged by users on their own!

Please be aware that the does not accept any complaint based on the information gained from the internet, other dating online services, social networks and other sources. We investigate the complaints regarding with communication on the Service or meeting particular member, scam or fraud suspicious, soliciting money or gifts, or any other violation of the Terms of Use of the Website.

In order to avoid expenses related with bank fees for transactions and saving time we offer Credit Refund Only for our Members.


For any refund issues:

Yours faithfully,

The Team