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35 Pisces 02/26/1987
Cherkasy, Ukraine
Model agency owner
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Never been married
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5'10'' / 179 cm
130 lbs / 59 kg
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Dark Brown
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About me

It is not easy task to INtroduce mylsef from my vision, but Ill try my best)))
There is always good and bad sides about us all, most show only good once, Ill try to tell what I have positive and negative in me, ready to the truth.
The truth as IM the one you be just happy to stay with. The bad news....you can not be without me too) So if you really Intended to be with me and me only..I welcome you in my life.
Im well being business lady, love my job and also love my little daughter, this is two passions I usually tear apart during the day and they closely connected to each other.
I usually enjoy what I doing, and If I already have Interest about anything...it will be a passion of my life.
I love outdoor activities a lot, my passion is water and all about it, fishing, hunting, boat rides...I LOVE IT!!! Will be a good bonus if my man also love that to do with me.
IM not house wife but not always business lady, I combine both but not mind if we together decided with my man what our family duties will be like.
I know hundreds ow ways how to pleasure my man, this is kind of my talent I can say))
There will be long days and nights while we discover at least a half I can do)))

My type of man

I have pretty much everything in my life but miss the only one...I miss the ONE who can be happy with in good or bad.
The One who can laugh when he is sad and make us all happy just show up in front door))
I dont have some pattern how my man should look like, just want my heart beat faster when you call my by phone or say as you be in aminute at home.
YOu should not force me to love you, this spark we eaither hve with a very first seight or it never come no matter how hard we will try it.
Do you believe in one seight chemistry??? I do. I just need to look at my mans eyes to tell how do I fell and is there any future for us, I have inner click of mine, it either work or not.
Im one of girls who were found of reading love stories books in my teen age.
I know there is no prince from fairy tale in real life but I dont mind if you show up on white horse or do some crazy love act as other may shy to do ))
I like to be surprised and goodcareless.
If you dont mind as I have a beauty daughter it will be also a happy bonus to me.

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