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30 Leo 08/03/1992
Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Fitness Coach
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Never been married
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5'4'' / 162 cm
121 lbs / 55 kg
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About me

Hello, you may call me Katerina and I am a fitness trainer. I am single and living alone! When I have my time, I enjoy travelling, most of all I like snowboarding, and I am also working as a trainer of snowboarding. I teach people how to make it right, not only new and who are the first time on board, but also provide extreme tours by the most dangerous ways of the mountains. I want to add that I also provide and accompany helicopter descents, when you jump from the helicopter and snowboarding. I have a dream, I will be honest, and which one I will tell you if you are interested, just ask me please. So, I am working on different international winter snow resorts. I was working in different countries and I enjoy this work. So, if you like to have a wife who is one of the best in fitness and snowboarding, then it is me! lol Sure, because of my job I also like and doing well surfing, windsurfing, kitesurf. I am positive person, with a nice sense of humor. I am good, kind, honest and well educated. I like coffee in the morning, coffee in the daytime and tea in the evening. I like red roses, tasty and healthy food. And in all I am living a healthy way of life. No smoking, no alcohol. Holidays and Birthday just champagne a little or wine. I like pets, dogs most of all but I do not have pets home now.

My type of man

Looking for a man with whom we shall have mutual and real feelings to each other. Kind man, honest, with a sense of humor, generous and real! Please, ask me any questions, thank you!

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