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29 Cancer 07/01/1993
Kiev, Ukraine
make-up stylist
Secondary School
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Never been married
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No kids
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5'8'' / 172 cm
112 lbs / 51 kg
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Dark Brown
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About me

A very decent woman with principles of honesty and dignity, which is ready to make a commitment, I registered myself on the website and waiting for a noble and brave man to conquer my heart. I like traveling and I enjoy to discover new. I believe that with the discovery you open a new page of your life. And if it’s you, whom I find during my journey here, we can fill in the rest of the pages together)) I don’t waste my time, I’m very active person. Our life too short for waiting)) I’d like to have children in future and give them all the best I can together with my husband. I’m very loyal, and I’ll never betray you, if you will never hurt me)) If you are inspired author and ready to write the book of my life – send me a letter))

My type of man

Be a man who will ruin my lipstick, not my mascara. Thats what I am looking for actually: a relationship without dramas and fights; relationship that will bring us only happiness and peace of the souls. I need someone who is not afraid to have responsibility, honest and of course treat his lady with respect and care. Do you think it is too much to ask?

The most important thing which makes place MY HOME, person who wait me there. Might be should stop telling only about myself. If you are honest, direct, well mannered and you are looking for someone important then you may write me. You dont need to be superhero to bring good impression. Just be who you are. Thank you.

I’m not looking just for usual relationship, I’m looking for an adventure, I’m looking for a man with passion and love in his heart. A man, who can surprise me every day, who can bring me flowers with no reason. In difficult moments of my life I want to be sure that my man will always be there for me, and if want to cry, he can just hug me and say that everything gonna be fine. Waking up in the morning, I want to see you sleeping and realize how happy I am)) I want my man to make from my life a fairytale and never disappoint me whatever happen.

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