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Yuliia ID#1003743

37 Gemini 05/27/1983
Kiev, Ukraine
Secondary School
Marital status:
Never been married
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No kids
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5'9'' / 174 cm
110 lbs / 50 kg
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About me

I'm petite girl and not strict, without any bad habits with a sweet voice as tiny bell. I am small in stature and very athletic. I graduated from university as teacher and have well-paid work, as a psychologist and give classes for children. Because of my profession I see the true beauty of the people. I am calm and I do not like parties, but only for my men, I'm very passionate woman capable to make his fantasy real ! One day, walking on horseback, I realized that I have no person, which wakes up with next to in the mornings, the man with whom we will be kissing and walking together at aleys and parks. Because I have always put the business and achieving goals the first, I have never thought seriously about love, before the moment. I care about animals and often help to children which left withouf parrent, also ssupport the organization to restore wildlife and forests, and give psychological counseling over the phone. I work a lot, maybe even too much and difficult schedule does not allow me to go abroad or too much rest. I am an independent girl, I have my own eyes and ears, I hear only the voice of the reason. And the reason said: you need a real man. For his love I'm ready to overcome all obstacles on the way to be with him.

My type of man

The person I am searching for is man without without a modern garbage, the person who will love me and will be so close to me, no matter how long distance bewteen us. The vertex of my goals is just a person who will love me for real and doesn't matter has he bad habits or no, because if people love each other they can break through anything together, holding each other hand.
I imagine he was not a hero or athlete, the things easy can disappear in future, but the soul may remains empty. I'm waiting for someone who will tell me everything he know, I'll listen to every his word with the genuine interest, and that's how I'll know it's no other man except as my destiny, my beloved man.
I need the very man, who knows what he wants from a girl, just for the sake of this I will be capable for the bravest steps in my life, the man whom I'll embrace tightly and kiss so much!!
And do all the things together, no matter where we are, or what we are going to do, and who lives near us, we are must be THE ONE and make other people happy about us and just a bit jealous about us because we have finally found our true love.

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