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Natalia ID#1003278

30 Taurus 05/21/1991
Odesa, Ukraine
Sales Manager
Eastern Orthodoxy
Marital status:
Never been married
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No kids
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5'5'' / 166 cm
110 lbs / 50 kg
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About me

I am a woman without rules and borders. I was born like that and I can’t see any reason to limit my vision. Maybe that is why I do not want to limit my search and this place would give me such an opportunity to find a person my heart and soul needs.
I am feminine that means I have so much energy for my man and for this life. I think that sex is the less a woman could give to a man. It cost not too much and you can easily find it everywhere but tenderness is another thing. It is something a woman gives not to everyone. Tenderness you can’t buy, can’t steal or take by force. It gives so much energy and like an invisible power always with you inspiring for new things. I feel myself like an inspiration for my man and I know how to be a muse.. It is something plenty of men need from their women. It is something that makes them wake up everyday and feel that life is amazing, that this new day is a gift and there is so much to feel and share with their women..
I am very patient and think that best things are worth to wait for. Besides best things are being created together in love..

My type of man

I would not tell a lot about a man whom I would like to meet. I just know that sooner or later my heart would feel him. I am a woman who respect and love a man for who his is. Without critics, conditions, fighting.. I accept a person who is mature enough for this feeling.. who knows what to do with it, who knows how to feel all the colors and taste of Love. A man who realizes that all a woman needs is to be loved, cared and protected by her man.

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