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UkrainianDiamonds.com is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Members can customize the website for their specific needs and preferences. No time or money will be wasted as you enjoy a pleasurable experience with little effort. We provide many services to enhance your online communication.


These services will make your contacts and conversations more pleasurable and productive in your search.

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From an ancient days and until nowadays a love letter was and is a symbol of affection and beauty of its writer`s soul. The best way to win a woman`s heart is to write her a love letter, as if nothing makes such effect on her thoughts than your words. UkrainianDiamonds.com is an online dating service that gives its members all kinds of communicational facilities to make the conversations even more interesting and exciting. One of them is Email Correspondence, where you have a possibility to send an email to your Lady via UkrainianDiamonds.com emailing service. With the help of this service you will find your perfect match really quick! Try this out, take a step and make your dreams come reality. You, as a Member, have a chance to communicate with thousands of gorgeous Ukrainian women every day! Click once to ”Email Me” sign next to Lady’s profile icon, compose and send your Lady an email that would definitely make her day! You can perform this either from her personal profile, visit Lady's account and click on "Write E-mail". A romantic letter will increase your chances to conquer your love for sure! If you have questions on how to write a successful letter do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support service and our professionals will find a way on how to answer your questions and help you.

IMPORTANT!All the letters are saved only for the last 30 days’ period. The rest of the data will be removed and saved in archive files. Which can be accessed on request.



to know what is the fastest way to correspond with beautiful Ukrainian Women? Live Chat is a service for Members who want to have an instant real time conversation with one or several ladies online. With this service you can start chatting with beautiful Ladies just by click.

IMPORTANT!All the chat history is saved only for the period of 7-days. The rest of the data will be removed and saved in archive files. Which can be accessed on request.


Getting Started on Live Chat

Login to your profile;
Choose the lady you like;
Simply click on the Live Chat option on her profile page
Click on the Chat sign next to Lady’s profile icon
Go to Live Chat Room and see who is online, choose the lady you like, tap at her profile and start chat.

Moreover, with our Search feature and special additions in your profile, you do not have to waste time.



Long distance has been a problem for the loved ones as they could not see each other often. Our site offers you the best option to facilitate your online communication with Ukrainian ladies. Make one click from your general profile and communicate with ladies via webcam. The whole positivity is that not only you will be seeing her, but she will also get to enjoy your live image as it is a two way webcam communication. Easy and accessible from your profile! Chat and see the ladies everyday using our Camshare service online!



Translation Service on UkrainianDiamonds.com is responsible for making communication between you and your lady successful, resultative and pleasant. We work only with skilled and responsible translators who not just translate the letters word by word, but who tend to save the emotional side of it, to transfer the meaning that you have initially put in your letter, emotional thought of your original message.


NOTE! Unlike other websites our translators do not have access to Ladies' accounts.


Our Translation Service has two options on how to use it:

Personal translator for a Lady. Each woman, who has a profile on UkrainianDiamonds.com, has a right to be given a translator. She communicates with him/her on our internal portal via email/chat or she comes to the Local Representatives` office of our Website and is being provided with the translation of her letter/chat (both hers and yours instantly).
Built-in translator. This is a brand new feature on the site which gives an amazing opportunity to translate a letter or instant message right away without wasting time! We have a team of translators available 24/7 who translate all the letters and messages randomly and direct it to recipient on the fly. The Lady who wants to send a letter can translate it right away, the same when she wants to respond or read your response to her, our Built-in translator will assist her in a matter of minutes.



The Search feature on UkrainianDiamonds.com is made to facilitate your journey in looking for your beautiful lady. We made this option easy to use, attainable to every member on our site and it does not require any special skills to enjoy it! Start your journey, take a chance, with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Here we offer you to look through some Search Tips:

• Use our age distinguisher – it will make your search faster and will give you positive results. If you know what age of your future partner is preferable for you, then this option is for you. Also, remember to mention your own age in order for the Ladies on our site could find you faster too!
• Look through the Ladies` profiles precisely as they include lots of interesting personal information, photos and videos, which can tell you more about her character and personality before you even get acquainted with her;
• Do you want to start your acquaintance in polite and successful manner? Then take a step and congratulate your Lady with her birthday! It will appear in Admin Notes option on your profile. Your best wishes will definitely make her happy and impressed by you;
• Use the keywords field in your search! What exactly does it do? It makes your search even better and easier, as it is always great to know with whom you have similar interests, views on life or hobbies. With this innovative search you will be able to find your potential partners by getting to know about their personalities better which will increase your chances!
• Are you interested in the most popular and viewable Ladies` profiles on UkrainianDiamonds.com? Then we offer you to look through Your Best Match section on our site. This section contains the ability to search for the most beautiful and popular Ladies on our site and you may be acquainted with them now!


UkrainianDiamonds.com wishes you the best luck in your search! Act natural, do not hesitate, feel comfortable and trust your intuition, - meet the One on our site.


Search for The One right now!



In Your Best Match section we offer you to find and explore the most popular and viewed Ladies` profiles on UkrainianDiamonds.com! Thousands of members visit UkrainianDiamonds.com ever day in an aim to find their true love among Ukrainian Ladies. With the help of our advanced search engine usage online, we figured out the most popular descriptions, phrases, keywords, etc. in our members` searching and created this Best Match page so you could see the most popular searches and the most popular ladies` profiles on our site! We can help you to find Your Lady and add her to your Favorites list so you will never lose her! We hope that will help you in your search for your perfect match.


We have heard many unfortunate and horrible stories of men who have spent a lot of money to travel thousands of miles from their home to meet the lady of their dreams only to find that she is different than she appeared on the computer or she never showed up at all breaking his heart full of love and hope.

You can read many stories about men who are abandoned and alone in a strange and foreign country by irresponsible agencies and websites. These indecent agencies and websites do not care for these men and they do not take responsibility for their actions. We understand how men’s feelings are used irresponsibly by these websites for their own personal gain.

There are many dating websites with fake accounts, scam interpreters or they display profiles and photos of girls who are not really participating on the website. Ukrainiandiamonds.com screens all of the women on the website to make sure that they are real and that they are committed to finding their match.

Ukrainiandiamonds.com is the only website that takes the responsibility of arranging meetings between users. No other dating website offers the full services that we offer. We diligently screen our members and we are the only website that offers a full package of services from your very first message to your lady to your actual meeting with your lady in person.

UkrainianDiamonds.com offers a Trip Advisor – travel assistance before and during your visit to Ukraine will make your travel experience easier and less stressful.

You, as a Member of our site, have a great opportunity to have a time of your life with the special Lady in Ukraine.

We provide the service through which you can be totally calm about going on a trip to another country, especially if you have never been there before. We will take care of all necessary arrangements and perform all duties, all you need to do is to make sure when and how you want this to happen.

All you need is to fill in a Date Request Form in Trip Advisor section in your profile and share your thoughts and preferences for your trip and send them to us! Our responsive Local Representative will take a closer look and do their best to arrange your trip to Ukraine and make it delightful and unforgettable for you. Upon studying your requirements and wishes, you will get a notification from UkrainianDiamonds.com about the process.



Remember that if you plan to visit several places in Ukraine you need to fill in a new Date Request form each city. We can take care of connections between those places.


Your safety and comfort is our biggest concern!



UkrainianDiamonds.com is a mobile-friendly site. There is no need to install any Mobile App on your smartphone. Our website is optimized to any mobile device and this will allow you instant access to our website wherever you may be providing cell service. You will not miss an email or contact from your lady and you can search and enjoy communication anywhere and anytime you want.


We provide a team of professional support agents and web-hostesses for your service. This customer support is available to you on a 24/7 basis to assist you with anything you may need on UkrainianDiamonds.com. Feel free to contact us via live chat or by email anytime you have a question, issue or if you need assistance. Our support agents will find a way to assist you and take care of your needs.


UkrainianDiamonds.com provides an amazing option for its Members! Now you can send your special Lady a gift directly from our Gift Shop! You may be half a world away but a bouquet of fresh roses will let her know that she is on your mind and that your intentions are serious. You do not have to go through the searching, buying and sending process. We will take care of it for you!


What are the reasons for sending a gift?

Stand out from the crowd. If she owns a popular profile on the site, she may be receiving messages from several men.
If you take a step to send her a gift, it will show the sincerity of your intentions.
And finally, your Lady is worth it!
To send your Lady a gift, click to "Send Gift" sign next to Lady's profile icon or visit Lady's account and click on "Send Her Present". When you are redirected to our Gift Shop, follow the steps:
Choose a gift from the list
Click on picture to select a gift/Click twice to cancel (You can choose several gifts at once)
The total cost of gifts will appear above "PURCHASE" button
You can also type a message you want to appear on the card attached to a gift
Credits for the gift will be deducted from your account (if available) or you will need to top up your account to necessary amount of credits
By clicking "PURCHASE" you approve transaction and your gift will be processed.


Our responsibility is to deliver your gift to the Lady at her first opportunity to receive it. We take photo of her and this means that you will be able to see the joy in her eyes when she receives your gifts!




UkrainianDiamonds.com offers a Search feature to expedite your journey in finding the Lady of your dreams. This option is available to every Member and is very easy to use. It does not require any special skills or abilities to utilize and will facilitate finding your beautiful Lady. Start your journey with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Here are some Search tips to consider:

use the Keyword Field in your search. This innovative search feature will increase your chances in finding your potential partner by allowing you to determine her personality and interests even before your first contact.
look through the Ladies’ profiles closely as they may include interesting personal information, photos and videos, which can tell you more about her character and personality before you even get acquainted with her.
birthdays are a great way to start your acquaintance in a polite and successful manner. Take the initiative and congratulate your Lady with her birthday. Your best wishes will definitely make her happy and impressed by you.
if you are interested in the most popular and the most viewed Ladies on UkrainianDiamonds.com, then you can search through the Favorites section of the site to get acquainted with them.
remember to include your distinguishing characteristics in your profile. This will allow the Ladies to find you when they are searching for their perfect match.
UkrainianDiamonds.com wishes you the best of luck in your search! Just relax, act normally and trust your intuition. You will have an enjoyable experience as you search for your special Lady. Remember that our team of professionals is standing by to answer your questions and assist in your needs.
Yours faithfully,
The UkrainainDiamonds.com Team