Keep Safe Online

Online correspondence can become an experience of a lifetime! However, just like any life experience, there are certain obstacles that you must be careful to avoid.

The following online safety advices can help to make your online experience a pleasant one.

Use Common Sense

First of all, trust your mind, not your heart. Mostly, scammers use those who show themselves vulnerable and trustworthy. This doesn`t mean that you shouldn`t open your heart to someone you have established a connection with. Of course, you should try to open to somebody and give love, as not doing things that may make you lose your chance to live in your dream. We just encourage you to use a good judgment before you rush into something you may regret after.


Our Team is working on providing safe and secure online correspondence atmosphere, but it is still impossible to dismay all forms of deceitful actions. For this very reason we developed the process of validation for every lady who wants to register and have a profile on our site. Ladies are first validated at the office of one of the Local Representatives with whom we work. A lady must own her valid passport and come in person if she wishes to join our site. The Local Representatives then scans a copy of the lady's passport for the records, and assists her in filling in an online profile. A very small minority of ladies who do not sign up in person at the office of a Local Representative, but do it online, can be validated via telephone. A lady who fills in her profile online cannot access our website until a Local Representative calls her to confirm that the information provided in her profile is correct. She must mail a copy of her passport to the office of the Local Representative after. Once the Local Representative receives the passport information, the lady will then be provided with a unique password which will enable her to access the site. Please note that the Local Representatives which we work with have contracted responsibilities, so they must perform their duties in a professional and ethical manner. If they fail their responsibilities – they violate their agreement, which can immediately lead to end of the cooperation.

Never Send Money

This is simple: do not do this under any circumstances! If it sounds harsh to you then try to put it this way: the main aim of your communication is to develop a mutual friendship or romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman. That's a very difficult thing to do if she sees your relationship as nothing more than a convenient way to gain monetary benefit out of it. While a lady may have financial problems and need some extra money, but nevertheless, to ask for it from you is inappropriate. Please keep in mind that the most self-respecting Ukrainian women would never dare to ask for money from someone whom they have never even met. Scammers, on the other hand, have no problem taking money from unsuspecting victims. Many scammers will ask for money for things such as visas, airline tickets, translation services (translation costs are included in our service), English lessons, family medical bills, buying computer or Internet service fees. Please be specifically cautious concerning these types of requests. And remember, sending money is one of few things that prohibited in our website and we do not accept any complaints regarding such cases.

Read Between The Lines

Keep your eyes opened for the scammers. You might be surprised at how many men fall for a little attention and a well written letter. So after you've exchanged two or three letters with a lady and she's already in love, please, gentlemen, don't fall for it, no matter how genuine it may appear. Any claims of love at such early terms in the correspondence are highly suspicious.

Communication out of the website

Please remember that it is not allowed to share any personal contact details between our members before you meet your Ukrainian Lady in person. There are several reasons for this and most of them based on your online safety:

once you have confirmed Date Request through our website, it is guaranteed that you will meet your lady in Ukraine. We know that many men made trips to Ukraine but their “Loving Lady” they have been communicating via other dating websites never showed up,
it is difficult for any scammer to take   advantage of your honesty and sympathy while you communicate via website,
it is impossible for us to follow up how your relationship develops if you communicate off the site.
Yours faithfully,
The Team