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In order to prevent any issues connected with the poor quality of the site’s work – we strongly advise you to use any version of Google Chrome, starting from 44.0 version. It is a free web browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. To install Google Chrome follow the link below: 

In case you are using some other web browser than Google Chrome, that is not the problem – though some items might not work the way they are supposed to. That is why we offer you a list of recommended browsers and their versions: 

Apple Safari, version 8.0.5 or higher

Mozilla Firefox version 39.0.3 or higher

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11.0.19


Just to prevent any further problems, if you are not a Google Chrome user, just visit your browser’s website and download the latest version.

Apple Safari 

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Google Chrome

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When you register on our site you therefore admit – that you have read and agreed to the Terms of use and Privacy Policy of our Service. After the registration –the Confirmation link will be sent to the email address you have stated, to prove your account created  Click on the "Confirm your account" button and your account will be approved. As soon as you signed up you get Your Free account and it will give you the possibility to:

Use Advanced Search

Browse Ladies' Profiles

See Who Visited Your Profile

Use Favorites Features and Blocking;

Access to Customer Support. 



We also suggest you to use our Free trial. In order to get Free Trial – you have to Edit your Account and add your picture. Your account will be validated and either approved or rejected (if rejected you will be informed about the reason via the website email service by Admin Notes) within 24 hours. Once your account is approved you will get 25 Welcome Credits absolutely free. And will be valid for 30 days. Free trial will allow you to:

Use Advanced Search

Browse Ladies' Profiles

See Who Visited Your Profile

Access to Match-up Survey

Read Unlimited Emails Free

Open Incoming Emails Free

Send Emails

Use Instant messaging

Use Live Chat with video

Use CamShare

Use Favorites Features and Blocking

Access to Customer Support

Also your account will participate in our Gentlemen's Catalog listing.




In order to send instant messages or letters – you will have to either buy credits or buy a membership plan – Standard or Premium.

Standard membership plan costs 28.99$; Premium – 48.99$. With either of the memberships – all our services’ prices will be reduced, besides in addition to the membership you get 10 free introduction letters, 10/30 free follow up letters (depending on the membership plan) and 10/20 free chat  minutes. 

Membership is valid for one month only, we recommend you to use our auto renewal service so your membership will be automatically renewed once it expires. You can opt out of auto renewal at any time. If your membership is still active when you renew, your new membership will activate as soon as your current membership expires. If your membership has ended and you didn’t purchase the next one – your membership will go to Free account status. 



In order to buy a membership – go to ‘Settings’ (the last button on the left of your screen), pick the ‘Membership Plan’ option, press ‘Get It’ below the membership you want to purchase (either Standard or Premium). When you press it – you will be redirected to the Klik&Pay SECURE PAYMENT page (make sure that you have ONLY ONE tab open with the site). Pick the way you want to make a payment with.

If you want to pay by credit card, press on the type of credit card you use – VISA, MasterCard, American Express or JCB – and fill in the information required correctly:

Card number

Expiry date


And press Pay Now

In order to buy credits press ‘Buy more credits’ either on your account or go to ‘Settings’ and press ‘Buy credits’ there. Then pick the credits package you wish to get mouse over it and press ‘Purchase’. When you press it – you will be redirected to the Klik&Pay SECURE PAYMENT page (make sure that you have ONLY ONE tab open with the site). Pick the way you want to make a payment with.

If you want to pay with a card, press on the type of credit card you use – VISA, MasterCard, American express or JCB – and fill in the information required correctly:

Card number

Expiry date


And press Pay Now

IMPORTANT! We would like to inform our members that according to our merchant provider and their banking partner, members are allowed to make up to 30 transactions per 30 day period using the same credit/debit card. Please use a different credit/debit card for any transactions over the 30 allowed in each 30 day period. The payment methods available are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and wire transfer. For those who cannot use Credit Card, we accept payments through Western Union and Money Gram (please, contact support agent for details). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We appreciate your membership!



In order to be even closer to your lady we also suggest you 3 ways of chatting:

-Instant messaging

To chat now is easier than ever – all you have to do is just press the chat bubble on the left of your home page screen. Then look for the lady(s) you would like to talk to according to your own preferences using the Advances Search. You can chat with more than one lady at the time! If you already found the lady you like the most – you can add her to your favorites – and then whenever she is online – her profile will appear on the right of your Chat page screen. Click on her profile and type in the message then press Send. Whenever you will get the response – you will hear the incoming sound and the profile of the person who sent you the message will be glowing red. By clicking on that profile you will be able to read the message sent to you. Also if you are talking with more than one lady – all the recent messages will be placed at the top of your Chat list.

To avoid the loss of credits we recommend you to use Ping (Free chat request) before you start chat in order to check if the lady is at computer or not. Very often people leave computer on even when they are not available.

IMPORTANT!All the chat history is saved only for the period of 7-days. The rest of the data will be removed and saved in archive files. Which can be accessed on request.

-Chat with video

Whenever your Lady will be on video stream – you will see the Camera icon next to her profile – but clicking on that icon – you will see your Lady live on the right of your chat screen.


The main difference between us and other sites is that we also suggest you the option of CamShare – that means that not only you are able to see your Lady – but she also can see you live. This feature lets you share your camera with as many ladies as you wish at the same time. For that you have to press Start My CamShare button and allow your browser to use your camera so that your lady(s) will be able to see you, you also have to check if you downloaded the plugin and if your browser allows you to use camera at all.


Chat pricing depends on the minutes you spend in chat – not on the amounts of symbols you have send. Every minute of instant messaging costs 1/2 credits (with/without membership), every minute of Chat with video 2/4 credits and every minute of CamShare costs 4/8 credits per minute.

Billing starts after the Lady gets your reply to her message, each minute is billed at 1/2/4 Credits, depending on which type of chat you are using. Billing stops automatically if chat was in-active for 3 minutes. But you have to bear in mind that when you are leaving the chat page – you must press ‘’Stop Billing’’ button – otherwise the billing will stop only after 3 minutes – and not the minute you left the page.

IMPORTANT! Billing for CamShare starts not when you turn on your camera, but once you allow your lady(s) to see your streaming. Please note that we are not responsible for the loss of credits - if that happened due to your browser's inability to use the camera or due to bad internet connection - on either side - your or your lady’s. 

To finish your CamShare –press Stop button (it will stop billing for CamShare) or press Stop billing button (it will stop billing for all chat sessions you have started), or the billing will automatically stop in 3 minutes of inactivity. Also you have to bare in mind that each minute of CamShare with each lady will cost you 4/8 credits(depending on membership or its absence) per each person you are on a CamShare with. For example - if you are on CamShare with two ladies - each minute will cost you 8/16 credits accordingly. 



To send an email to a lady you like is as easy as to send a chat message. You just click on the profile picture of the lady you like and press Send Intro – if you haven’t corresponded with her yet – or press Send email – if you are already acquainted. After you already composed the email – simply press Send Letter if you did everything correctly the following note will come up – Your letter was successfully sent – to exit out of it – press Ok, thank you or just click anywhere else on your screen. 

You should bear in mind that having a membership gives you certain benefits – for example with membership – you get 10 free intro letters and after you use these 10 – every other intro will cost you only 5 credits – instead of 10 which will be the cost without membership. With Standard/Premium membership you get 10/30 free follow up emails. Also with the membership (either Standard or Premium) you can open emails for free.

When you have incoming or unread letters the icon of the envelope on your home page will be showing the amount of letters you have in your mailbox. If you want to answer the letter you just read – simply press Reply button and you will be composing the letter to that person. If you do not have any free follow up emails left than sending any letter will cost you 10 credits.

N.B.: You can send your photos to your lady - photos can be sent as an attachment to the letters also via instant messaging service. Though you can add only two photos to each letter - one free photo and the next one will cost you additional 5 credits. You should also remember that before attaching and sending your photo (either through the chat or through the letter), the photo should be uploaded to My Gallery and approved.

IMPORTANT!All the letters are saved only for the last 30 days’ period. The rest of the data will be removed and saved in archive files. Which can be accessed on request.



When you are sure that you found the lady you were searching for and want to exchange the personal information with her you can send her – the Contact request. It costs 79 credits. By sending Contact Request this lady will be informed that you would like to ask her contact details and once she accepts it your communication will be uncensored so it will take your communication to higher level and make it more private and intimate. But you can send the Contact Request only if the lady is in your Favorites.

Cost of the request is 79 credits. You will be charged once you click Send Request button, in case your lady Decline your request you will be refunded, so we strongly recommend to ask if a lady ready to accept Contact Request before you it.  Any other attempt to send any personal information will be treated like the violation of the rules of our Service! Such a violation can cause a termination or suspension of your account immediately, without prior notice or liability.



On our website you can find Online Shop Service that offers wide range of heart melting presents that will let you surprise your lady and win her heart. Though only those ladies who have Validated by Agency status can receive gifts. For that you have to click on her profile and pick the option – Send a gift. It will take to our online store where you can order the gift and follow its updates. If you sent a gift by mistake you can cancel it within 3 hours. If you don’t do it with 3 hours – the gift will be sent.

N.B.: We are not responsible for the time of delivery – as every lady has to come to the agency to receive the gift. After the gift is received – you will get the confirmed delivery notice along with photo of your lady with a gift. 



Last but not the least – you can arrange the meeting of your lady with us! You can read many stories about men who are abandoned and alone in a strange and foreign country by irresponsible agencies and websites, BUT NOT US! We suggest you the option of Trip Advisor. You, as a Member of our site, have a great opportunity to have a time of your life with the special Lady in Ukraine.

All you need is to fill in a Date Request Form in Trip Advisor section in your profile and share your thoughts and preferences for your trip (level of apartment he would like to stay in and the dates, transportation service) and send them to us! Our responsive Local Representative will take a closer look and do their best to arrange your trip to Ukraine and make it delightful and unforgettable for you. Upon studying your requirements and wishes, you will get a notification from about the process.

Remember that if you plan to visit several places in Ukraine you need to fill in a new Date Request form for each city. We can take care of connections between those places. Your safety and comfort is our biggest concern!

You should also pay attention to this – after we know about your trip dates and preferences, our local representative will calculate the cost of trip and inform you. You can cover the cost of your Trip using credits without using any money transfer services. It will make your Trip safer and will prevent you from being a prey of fraud.

N.B.: We are not responsible for events or actions over which our Service does not have direct control.



In order to make your staying on our site even more comfortable we suggest you one more option – Report User. If you spot anything suspicious on the Website – duplicate or fake profiles – or anything that you think might be wrong or inappropriate – please inform us! You click on the Report button next to the user, you are suspicious with, profile, select the Reason of report, add your comment and evidence (a screen shot) and press Send Request.

Unlike any other dating site we care about your opinion. Rest assured – that every case will be thoroughly investigated and users found guilty will be banished from the Website!



For our female users we suggest three types of status on the site

Validated by agency


Not validated

Our male users can also verify their profiles. Validating the profile is optional, however this provides more trust in our customer’s profile and shows others that user is serious about finding love, so we do recommend to every member of our website to verify their profile.

To validate your profile, upload a copy of an identification document that contains your name and a photo. We will then verify details such as your name, gender, date of birth etc. This is important because it:

Gives other members greater interest in your profile

Reduces the likelihood of non-genuine profiles on the site

Distinguishes serious members from less serious members

The identification documents will be used for profile verification purposes only and we will not share any information with any third party. We destroy all copies of your ID document after we have verified your information.



This Website does not, and must not be taken to, in any way, aid, procure, promote or provide "mail order bride" marriage-matching services to its users.

You must acknowledge that the jurisdiction in which you reside may prohibit the advertisement of marriage-matching services or the solicitation of persons to partake in marriages.

If you reside in the Philippines, Belarus or any such jurisdiction that prohibits marriage-matching services to its residents, you hereby warrant, represent and covenant that you will not use the Service or the Website for any purpose in breach of any legislation prohibiting marriage-matching.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you do not breach any prohibition on marriage-matching, and further hereby acknowledge and agree that the indemnity contained in clause 18 will apply to your breach of any legislation prohibiting marriage-matching.