Anti-Scam Policy has no tolerance for any scammers!


Many men who are thinking about finding a soul-mate abroad are concerned about the risk of being hurt by somebody who is only interested in money and has no interest in starting a relationship whatsoever. has zero tolerance towards any kind of scammers.

We see from our experience that the absolute majority of the ladies have sincere and good intentions joining the website, however it's impossible to look into one's brain or heart and that's why we created a system that does not leave any chance for the ladies to receive money from the men or take advantage of them in any other way in the course of correspondence and organizing the personal meeting, that's the reason why scammers simply don't come to our website - because there is no way for them to dig any gold on our website.

All the services are absolutely free of charge for the ladies (this includes translation of all the letters), the women don't have to pay for anything at all, it's been our policy since the day we started to operate.

We are providing our clients with an absolutely real chance to meet their soul-mate. It is totally possible!!!

Our service takes scamming very seriously, moreover, it is prohibited on Anyone, who participates and finds guilty of such action will be immediately banned from the service forever.

If our team or any member suspects this activity, we will investigate the circumstances surrounding the issue, determinate the facts and disclose all relevant details to those affected by the fraud. The most important priority is to make you, our valued member, satisfied and safe, which reveals constant dedication to creating comfortable online environment, which will make you feel totally secure, supported and confident in making your decisions.

While being a member on our website, you will have an opportunity to inform us about your suspicions concerning scam or to report about the suspected scammer. After submitting your request, our team will place this person under review and if we find out that the woman has been really enlisted in scamming or other methods that disregard our website policy, she will be immediately and permanently banned from using our members` services, also we will inform other online dating services about that person. So if you think that the lady you communicate with is a scammer, do not hesitate and let us know.

Every so often, members of service express concerns that a specific woman is not actually interested in finding love, but instead is a real scammer, who is only looking for money, presents or any other benefits. You should know that we take these accusations very seriously and because of this, we have installed anti-scam protection in order to prevent illegitimate situations while members use our service.

It’s an unfortunate truth that some online dating sites operate dishonestly. Actually, there are many horrible stories on anti-scam websites about the unfortunate situations in dating industry. However, you should keep in mind that many stories on these sites are one-sided or inaccurate. Most of all dating services work in an honest and respectable way to their customers.

The majority of women who use our service are sincere in their quest for love. However, if you suspect one of our ladies of being a scammer, Report about her. This is the simplest and most effective way to resolve the problem. Though we closely monitor every lady we can’t guarantee their honesty or read their mind. This is why we need your cooperation, without your report we won`t be able to deal with the scammer if we are not aware of her existence. So it’s up to you to let us know when you have an issue. Unfortunately, some gentlemen do not report a potential scammer because they do not want to get the lady in trouble. While chivalry is nice, this approach does not solve anything. Other gentlemen assume that if one lady on the site has happened to be dishonest, then all other ladies are, and that the site is therefore a scam, which is far from the truth with

If you suspect a woman of being a scammer, you may report about her by emailing our support team: or as the other option - use our online customer service support.

If we receive a customer`s claim that a certain lady attempted to scam him, our team will investigate the problem by examining chats and other records to discover if the claim is legitimate. We are ready to hear both sides of the conflict before making a single-minded unprejudiced statement.

If a certain lady is found guilty in violation of the rules, she will be removed from the site forever.

There is a required procedure, during which all women who use our services guarantee that they will tolerate our site`s Terms of Use and never demand money or solicit gifts from any individual.


We do advice!

Please never honor a lady`s request to send money. Remember that you can only send gifts if it comes from your heart, not from her request.
Make a date arrangements with the help of our service only.
Use our Trip Advisor to arrange and appoint a trip to your lady.
Do not provide any monetary information or personal numbers.
Do not exchange contacts and communicate using our site.
Remember to organize video chats with your lady.

There are cases, when a member of the site claims to have been the victim of a scam, our efforts most often reveal the situation to be a misunderstanding rather than a genuine scam. Despite the danger of being scammed throughout online dating services – those cases are indeed rare. More often than not, what a gentleman claims is a scam turns out to be a misunderstanding.


What is not considered as a scam:

If a woman corresponds with you for a long time and then refuses to meet you without the help of our services.
The agency makes a mistake in the translation of a letter.
If a woman does not answer to all questions via email.
When a woman has other photos of her relatives, male friends or ex – husband`s/boyfriend`s posted on any social networks.
If after a meeting with a member a lady does not show interest.
If a woman wears rings on her fingers, as they can be more like accessories in Slavonic countries than wedding/engagement rings.

While using, you can be totally sure that each of our ladies is real and agreed to follow the rules of our Terms of Use. Even though scams and scammers are out there, only on you can be confident in our level of service and our commitment to protect you from fraud.


What is considered as a scam:

When a woman requests money or expensive gifts from you, we refund the costs you have spent on this service and ban this woman from the site.
If a woman misidentifies herself, we provide a refund of costs you incurred in the communication with her.
A lady deliberately misrepresents her details in her profile: age, kids, gender or marital status. We reimburse the service costs you incurred with this lady and ban her forever.
If the gifts you ordered were not delivered, we refund the cost of those gifts.

If a man approaches the dating experience through online service with an open mind and attempts to educate himself about the given website, he has the best chance to find the woman of his dreams and to build a happy life with her after.

We have to admit that we can’t guarantee that there are no scammers on our website, but we guarantee that those will not use our services for long! We are immensely serious in providing honest and scam-free atmosphere in!



Thank you for reading our Anti-Scam Policy! is a legal online dating site and we work hard to ensure that the ladies on our site are honest and sincere.
If you have a problem with our service or suspect a woman of being a scammer, please give us the opportunity to correct the problem, as it is the only effective way to resolve scammer issues.
Yours faithfully,
The Team